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Lane + Brianna | Omaha Engagement Session

I met up with Lane and Brianna in Omaha on a beautiful spring Saturday morning! Their outfits complemented each other perfectly. and I LOVED the texture of Brianna's shirt - truly perfect for photographing! These two were so fun and clearly in love, so I'm excited to share a bit from their session.

We started off their session by adventuring around the Old Market, which was perfect in the morning as not many people were out - meaning, we had the whole area to basically to ourselves. While walking around, we found the cutest wall!

We also found a cute ivy wall in front of a candy store, and I LOVE ivy, so we stopped for a few pics. Then, they spontaneously started dancing to a jazz group that started playing, "Isn't She Lovely". It was TOO cute!

While there was lots of laughs with these two, there were also lots of snuggles! This particular picture was taken in a small park, and we had to work VERY hard to avoid doggy leftovers - I'd say we were successful!

They were truly down for anything, which is so fun as a photographer, and fears of heights were faced (and no one was dropped!).

And just one more cute picture cuz parking garages are everything!

Can't wait to see these two again for their wedding in October!!

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