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Arches National Park Elopement

A couple getting married in front of double arches

Getting married surrounded by the stunning beauty of a natural landscape is a dream for many couples.

Arches National Park, with its iconic sandstone arches and dramatic desert landscapes, is a popular choice for couples seeking a magical setting.

There are a few designated ceremony spots throughout the park, but your portraits can be taken anywhere that is Leave No Trace approved!

These elopement portraits were taken around Double Arches. It's a short trail with gorgeous views of the arches and of the park!

Planning an Arches National Park elopement can be done in a few steps:

  1. Get your park marriage permit. If you want an official ceremony in the park, you will need a Special Use Permit. You can apply online or in person at the park visitor center. The designated ceremony sites include Delicate Arch Viewpoint, Landscape Arch Viewpoint, and Double Arch Viewpoint. The application fee is $185 and covers the costs associated with park staff reviewing your request and issuing the permit.  

  2. Plan your park entrance. The special use permit does not cover the park entrance fee, and during peak season (April-October) Arches National Park implements a timed entry system. Your wedding permit does not guarantee entry, so be sure to factor this into your planning.

  3. Book your lodging. The sooner you book, the better! We love staying at the Springhill Suites and Element Moab! Both are just minutes away from the park. Springhill has a gorgeous pool, but the Element has a more refined feel (and less kids running around if that's important to you!).

  4. Hire your vendors. I recommend starting with a photographer, videographer (bonus points if they're a team like us!), florist, hair & makeup artist(s), and officiant. After that, decide what you want the rest of your wedding day to look like - do you want to hire a private chef for dinner? Do you want to invite others for an intimate reception at a nearby venue? Maybe ride in a hot air balloon as the sun sets? The options for your elopement day are endless.

With careful planning, including securing the necessary permits and understanding the park's regulations, a desert wedding in Arches National Park can be a truly magical and unforgettable wedding experience!


Here are some resources to help you start planning your wedding at Arches National Park:


Planning your own elopement or wedding? I'd love to hear what you're dreaming up! Click below for info!


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