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Lincoln, NE Wedding Photographers + Videographers

Timeless, dreamy photos & films for couples who treasure the story of their wedding day

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We provide a seamless wedding photographer and videographer experience for couples who want to document their day authentically. We assist in the planning process, provide a wedding guide full of advice, help with your timeline, and talk through all the dreamy details before your wedding day. We want a stress-free day for our couples so they can enjoy how their day naturally unfolds, and we'll capture all the emotions and moments as it does to tell the unique story of their day.

Laura & Shayne


Five years ago, we were in your shoes - newly engaged, planning a wedding, and feeling overwhelmed with options for a photographer and videographer that would capture the joyful moments that would tell the story of our wedding day. We wanted someone to capture the story of our day as it unfolded, not someone who was just going to show up, take some photos, and film some video clips - our wedding day was so much more than just some pretty pictures; it was the first chapter in the story of the rest of our lives. 


So, we understand that your wedding photographer and videographer need to not just take some pretty pictures, but also tell the story of your wedding day and who you are as a couple.

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dreamy, timeless


Those images that you stop you in your tracks. The ones you think you exist in magazines and on Pinterest. You deserve those images to remember your wedding day.​

Nebraska Summer Wedding

if you want...

Images that showcase the dream come true that your wedding day is. 


Images that showcase your beauty that being a bride perfectly emulates.


Images that capture the romantic details that you spent hours planning.

Images that capture your joyful moments with your spouse, friends, and family.

Images that tell your unique wedding day story for years to come.

We'll be great friends.

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While photos stop a moment, video allows you to live in a moment again. 

We edit our couples' videos to match the uniqueness of their wedding day. Typically, this means a romantic, dreamy, but upbeat video that encompasses all the raw emotions and joyful moments.