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3 Target Dresses that are Perfect for Spring Photo Sessions

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I've been putting together spring style boards for photography clients, and I'm loving all the spring dress option out there this year!

While there are so many brands, styles, and colors that I love (& have linked to my ShopMy), I know that sometimes it's easiest to shop at your favorite store and/or a easy to return store. For me, that's Target!

Target has done several collabs with popular brands, and I recently found out they did one with Petal and Pup (a dress brand). Many of my recommendations are from that collab.

So, without further ado, here are three Target dresses that's are perfect for your spring photography session!

1.This cute pastel pink and soft white dress is perfect for spring. It's made by Petal & Pup, but sold by Target. Click here to shop!

2. This soft blue dress will contrast perfectly with pink, white, and purple spring blooms. Plus, soft blues are a beautiful complement to green grasses and trees. Also, I just love the bow straps! Click here to shop.

I'd be remiss if I didn't do an honorable mention Target blue dress - click here to view.

3. White is a classic anytime of the year, but it makes spring photos even more light and bright. This white dress features puff sleeves, which add a fun, cute dimension to photos. Click here to shop.

BONUS: Not a Target dress, but I'm OBSESSED with this Mac Duggal dress from Anthropologie. It would be the perfect dress for a spring session. Click here to take a look.

For more outfit inspo, click here to visit by full ShopMy closet! Sections include engagement sessions, family sessions, seniors, grads, and even personal favorites.


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