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Scottsdale Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette sitting by the pool in Scottsdale.

My first time in Scottsdale did not disappoint! Great food, fun people, and beautiful sights!

I started off my trip by hanging out with the sweetest bachelorette and her gals! They were from North Dakota, which was so fun since I'm from Nebraska. We were all loving the warm weather!

Bachelorette and her girls in matching swim suits.

Throughout the session, I got to know more and more about this group of friends. They have all been friends FOREVER - most since elementary school. How cool is that?? They also were so kind, welcoming, and knew how to have fun! They even popped some champagne - seriously so cute!

Bachelorette and her girls popping champagne by the pool.

Also, the bachelorette was just the cutest and clearly was having such a fun time!

While I was in town, I got to try out some really fantastic restaurants - I highly recommend Hash for brunch and Toca Modera for dinner. Pictured is the mimosa flight (yes, I did the Cotton Candy bomb), Potato Breakfast Tacos, and Lucky Charm French Toast. 10/10!

I also got to see my first real cacti while in Arizona! First it was out the car window, but I also hiked Camelback and got to see several along the hike. I will say - I love hiking, but I'm definitely not a pro hiker by any means (aka - Nebraska gal). Camelback was a tougher hike than I anticipated, but I give full credit to Orange Theory Fitness workouts for allowing me to persevere and reach the top!

Our last day, I got to get up close and personal with all types of cacti at the Desert Botanical Garden. It was so beautiful - I highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in Scottsdale!

Images from my Scottsdale trip are for sale in my print gallery!

More sneak peeks (in my moody style!) from the bachelorette party can be found here.

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