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A ~dreamy~ Change

When I started photography seven years ago, I was drawn to color in my edits. However, as moody edits began to trend, I got more and more requests to try it, so I did - and it has been so fun! I absolutely love moody edits and think they bring a different feel to photos. However, I have been making constant tweaks to my moody edit and felt as though it was never perfect.

Well, I was again having the debate with myself the other day of why I can’t get my moody look just perfect. While part of it is that I’m a perfectionist and it’s hard for things to be perfect, I knew that wasn’t quite the problem. So, after a conversation with my husband, it occurred to me that maybe I couldn’t get the moody style just right because it’s not the right style for me.

I thought about what I’m drawn to - color, light, creamy skin tones, golden sunsets. I’ve always loved the light and airy look, and even went that route for my own wedding photos.

So, no wonder I couldn’t find the perfect moody edit - it’s just not who I am. I love color; in fact I rarely wear black (even when I’m shooting weddings!). I’m optimistic. I love to dream. I love sunsets. My color season is summer (cool, smoky colors - check out house of color to learn yours!). I love romance novels and rom coms. I love dreamy photos that have a timeless quality.

I love light and airy.

So, I decided, why not just make the switch?

Well, I am!

From now on, my edits will be light, airy, dreamy, and timeless; they will feature sharp subjects, creamy skin tones, brokeh backgrounds, and light pops of color.

Current clients who have already booked with me will get both a moody and a light and airy gallery. Future clients will be able to add a moody edit gallery - like I said, I do love moody edits, but light and airy is more me and my personal brand.

So, here’s my formal announcement that I’m making my small business and artistic style more reflect who I am and what I love! I’m excited for this change in my business, and I’m excited to see where it takes me. Stay tuned for all the light, airy, dreamy goodness coming your way!

xoxo Laura


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