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Julia | Class of 2021

Julia's session was SO fun! She was so sweet and a joy to be around. I truly enjoyed getting to know her & her mom, who joined us for the session. Seniors - don't be afraid to take a few pictures with your parent (or whoever comes with you) during your session, they're always such fun photos!

Also, if you happen to be a cheerleader and your boyfriend is a football player, definitely feel free to invite them for a few photos, too! (Like - how cute are they?!? #goals)

Julia scouted lots of fun spots for her session. Always feel free to let your photographer know if there are certain spots you like at your session location - we want to make your vision come true! Here are a few of the spots she found:

Also, I just want to throw out a few photos of Julia's BEAUTIFUL lashes! Like, just look at those 😍

And we ended Julia's session with my fav prompt - "go frolic through the field and dance around"! Lots of smiles, laughs, and twirls ensued ☺️

See more photos from Julia's session here!



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