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A Winter Engagement Session | Colton + Alexis

I absolutely recommend making your engagement session into a date night - start with drinks and end with dinner! Colton and Alexis started with a drink at one of their favorite bars, McCue's Taproom.

Colton and Alexis chose a two-hour engagement session, so we had lots of time to adventure around Kearney, Nebraska. After McCue's, we were able to stop at the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA), downtown Kearney, and THREE different parks.

I had no idea how outdoorsy Kearney was - it was only 30 degrees, but after weeks of sub-zero weather, people were out everywhere! I also saw more people ice fishing than I had in my entire life!

Also, details aren't just for the girls! I loved that Colton wore a nice watch to compliment Alexis's ring - it made for such great detail photos! (Also, her ring is GORGEOUS, like my jaw dropped when I saw it!!).

As a warning, if you schedule winter engagement session with me and there is snow on the ground, I may make you roll in it - but trust me, it'll be totally worth it!! Can't wait to work with these two again on their wedding day!

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