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Associate & Second Shooting

Are you a photographer looking for an associate photographer or a second photographer for a wedding in Nebraska? I'm happy to help! I take on a handful of associate shooting and second shooting each year to balance out my own weddings.

Bodies: 3 Canon Mark IVs
Lens: 85mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 35mm 1.4, 22-105mm
Flash: Speedlight 
Experience: 25+ Weddings as Lead Photographer; 3 Wedding as a Second Shooter; 1 Wedding as Associate

Associate Shooting

$100/Hour of Coverage


  • Culling: $20/Hour of Coverage

  • Editing: $100 + $0.50/image


Second Shooting

$40/Hour of Coverage

I can provide an SD card or use yours.

I will ensure I shoot with a backup CF card.

I like to use images on my website/portfolio, but I will not send to the clients or vendors.

Add-on: Culling: $5/Hour of Coverage

Let's Work Together!

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