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My husband had been second shooting with me for a few years, and we were in preparation for our own wedding, when after one wedding he told me he would be interested in videography. I said sure, if you can learn it and you're good at it, that would be a great addition to my services; sure enough, he learned and quickly showed he had the eye for it. When COVID started, I was asked to shoot videography for an intimate wedding, meaning my husband couldn't also come. This was the first time I shot video solo, and I LOVED it! Now, we always try to work as a team; either both of us shooting photos, video, or one of us doing each (our personal fav).  


Our approach to videography is the same as photography - we want you to have fun and enjoy your experience in front of the camera! We will guide you through poses and prompts to elicit raw emotions and tell the story of you and the milestone we are capturing. We edit similarly to our photos to keep everything cohesive.

Videography can be booked on its own or added on to any type of photography collections - weddings, seniors, family, real estate - any type of session! Videos are done as fun highlight videos, but you can request other types of video (just ceremony, toasts, branding story, etc.). Videography includes drone footage where permitted. 

For weddings: Check out the wedding page for more info on photo + video collections, or reach out for more info on just videography collections, my curated collections start at $3,000!

For all other sessions: Inquire here!