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The Experience

I strive to get genuine smiles from my clients, and the experience of having me as your photographer will reflect that. That means my sessions are typically laid-back - they could even be called "fun"! I help you pose and feel natural in front of the camera through movements and "games". Trust me - you want more photos than you just smiling at the camera! I remember when I took my senior photos, wedding photos, family photos... I had no idea what to do or how to pose. My goal as your photographer is to let you relax and enjoy your time in front of the camera - no experience needed! If you need help prepping for your session - outfits, props, etc. - just let me know, I'm happy to give advice!

My editing style is bohemian with pops of color. I want to create images that you want to post on social media and hang on your walls - forever! My goal is for the photos to be trendy but timeless. However, I will gladly take your editing preferences into consideration as I want your session to be remembered the way you want to remember it! Take a look through my Instagram images below to get a feel for my style. I'm happy to share full galleries, if desired.

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